TeaMap on TomTom

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Feb 5th, '09, 13:00
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TeaMap on TomTom

by johnoed » Feb 5th, '09, 13:00

How difficult would it be for Adagio or TeaMap to create a file of Tea Houses and load it onto the website for download? Since you all have the database it would be far easier to convert the data into the necessary file format than an individual going through and submitting the data. Teavana already has a downloadable file on the Tom Tom web site to show where their stores are located. It would be really great to be driving and suddenly realize there is a tea shop around the corner.

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Feb 6th, '09, 02:36
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by JasonC » Feb 6th, '09, 02:36

Interesting idea!

Feb 6th, '09, 13:37
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by silvermage2000 » Feb 6th, '09, 13:37

That sounds like a cool idea. Would that take alot of work though.

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Mar 5th, '09, 01:27
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by ilya » Mar 5th, '09, 01:27

We are working on your suggestion and are simply waiting for TomTom to provide us with an API key to finalize it. Does anyone have a TomTom in order to help us test the data set?

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