Violet tea?

These teas can resemble virtually any flavor imaginable.

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Nov 26th, '08, 19:30
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Violet tea?

by obsidianbladed » Nov 26th, '08, 19:30

I've recently discovered violet tea online and I'm curious. I know it generally has violet petals mixed with regular tea leaves (usually black). I really want to give it a try; it's intriguing. But I can't find anywhere that sells samples. (TeaNoir's smallest size is $10 and I don't want to spend that much and end up not liking it.)

Your thoughts, if you've tried it...? Is the violet flavor even detectable over black tea? Does it taste like violets smell? Do you like it?

Dec 6th, '08, 19:38
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by sheila77551 » Dec 6th, '08, 19:38

Hi obsidianbladed,
You may want to ask Victoria. She referenced Violet flavor in a discussion in the introduction forum.
Good Luck. If I hear anything, I will come back here and let you know.

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Dec 6th, '08, 23:57
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by Victoria » Dec 6th, '08, 23:57

Hummm no idea. But I'm having deja vu - maybe I read this before - or said this before. I'm not for flavored teas, but if you must or you really enjoy the fragrance of them, I find it is better to add the flowers rather than buying flavored.

I found this article on how to make Violet Tea:

I especially liked the warnings.

Re: Tea Noir - 4oz is a lot of tea, I'd just write to the maker and request a sample.

Jan 26th, '09, 21:39
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Ta da!

by Intuit » Jan 26th, '09, 21:39

Source: Strand Tea Company

Tea: Spring Violets. ... d_324.html

Absolutely no idea how it tastes, but it sounds interesting.

Jan 27th, '09, 17:31
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by silvermage2000 » Jan 27th, '09, 17:31

I do believe that teavana's marzipan delight black has violets in it. Mainly rose and black tea with violets in the aftertaste or subtle.

Feb 8th, '09, 07:34
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by CJluvsT » Feb 8th, '09, 07:34

Oh! Violet tea would be awesome! I used to eat violet candies as a kid and they we sooooooooooo yummy! I might have to get me some of that! :D

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Mar 29th, '09, 16:37
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by jazz88 » Mar 29th, '09, 16:37

I have purchased the Violet tea from Strand Tea Company and I like it a lot because
• the smell is delicate and reminds me of french novels, library, Art Nouveau ... in other words it evokes a lot of images/associations ....
• it's not overly sweet and does not overtake the natural flavor of the tea.

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