White Peach

White and yellow teas are among the most subtle.

Feb 20th, '09, 14:27
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White Peach

by CJluvsT » Feb 20th, '09, 14:27

I was kind of disappointed in this one. I used 1 rounded teaspoon of leaf per cup of water and stepped for the full 7 minutes at 180. It just didn't taste much of anything.

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Feb 20th, '09, 15:17
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by auggy » Feb 20th, '09, 15:17

The leaf is really fluffy for this tea, so you might want to try two or even three tsp per cup.

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Feb 20th, '09, 20:09
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by Nexius8510 » Feb 20th, '09, 20:09

Yeah, auggy's got it right here. I really enjoy white teas too and when I purchased adagio's White Peach it was pretty weak for me. A couple full teaspoons at about 160ish degrees will get you some nice infusions from it; at least from my experience! LOVE this tea!

Feb 20th, '09, 22:43
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by silvermage2000 » Feb 20th, '09, 22:43

I do like peach teas. I will consider checking this one out sometime. And I will keep in mind the nice and helpful ifo to.

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Feb 20th, '09, 23:13
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by Cinnamon Kitty » Feb 20th, '09, 23:13

I found that it worked well with at least 2 teaspoons of leaf per cup, if not more for the 7 minutes at 180*F or some temperature close to that. I also found that a touch of sugar or honey brings out the peach flavor a bit more.

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Feb 21st, '09, 13:45
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by kymidwife » Feb 21st, '09, 13:45

I mix Adagio's White Peach half and half with their Peach Oolong, and that combo is absolutely amazing. More deliicate and mellow than straight-up Peach Oolong, and more robust and flavorful than straight-up White Peach.

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