Troubles with TeaMap?

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Feb 26th, '09, 14:42
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Troubles with TeaMap?

by amanda529 » Feb 26th, '09, 14:42

I recently stumbled across TeaMap and absolutely LOVE it! I can't wait to visit all the tearooms around my hometown. However, I haven't been able to access anything beyond the homepage lately? When I click on the states or enter my zip an error pops up. And for some reason I am unable to sign up for the email announcements.
Is the website experiencing a problem? I would love to be able to access it again. I cannot access it on my work computer I think there may be a problem on TeaMap's end?

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Feb 26th, '09, 19:28
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by horsencl » Feb 26th, '09, 19:28

I've been having the same problem. If you keep trying it usually works eventually.

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