Jun 8th, '05, 19:03
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Union Jack teapot

by teachat » Jun 8th, '05, 19:03

I am trying to locate a place where I can buy a Union Jack teapot. Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance.

karen scorah

Jul 6th, '05, 09:49

by ns2n » Jul 6th, '05, 09:49

Try Tea & Sympathy, a British tea store in Grenwich Village, NYC.

Sep 23rd, '05, 16:55
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Union Jack Teapot

by Yorkshire Lass » Sep 23rd, '05, 16:55

Did you manage to get hold of a Union Jack Teapot?

Oct 18th, '05, 14:17
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Brown Betty

by earlgreyfan » Oct 18th, '05, 14:17

This is not the same thing as a Brown Betty is it? I am currently on TDY in England, and I have noticed that Whittard Tea of Chelsea has brought back the Brown Betty, in a 6-cup version. I think they are selling it for about 12 pounds. I have checked their website, however, and it is not listed as being available online. If the Union Jack teapot is not a Brown Betty, forgive me for messing up your post.

Nov 18th, '05, 11:33


by LANDJHOOD » Nov 18th, '05, 11:33

has anyone been able to purchase one in the u k.,and if so where?

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