Why isn't TeaMap being updated?

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Feb 27th, '09, 12:49
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Why isn't TeaMap being updated?

by tea_of_5 » Feb 27th, '09, 12:49

I LOVE Teamap.com. I have found many wonderful tea rooms from them. However, I noticed it hasn't been updated in months. There are coupons on their that expired in Dec 2008. I have also uploaded some pictures of the tea rooms over 4 to 6 weeks ago and they are still not on the site.

Anybody know what is going on?


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Feb 27th, '09, 13:11
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by Shelob » Feb 27th, '09, 13:11

Hi, tea_of_5!
Best thing for you to do would be to pm Ilya. He is in charge of this section of TeaChat.

Hope to see you around our forum :!:

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Feb 28th, '09, 19:25
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by Chip » Feb 28th, '09, 19:25

I am moving this to Feedback where Adagio will appreciate your ... ummm, feedback!

Welcome to the forum, hope to see you around the place!

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Mar 1st, '09, 01:28
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by chamekke » Mar 1st, '09, 01:28

The entire Canadian subsection of TeaMap isn't working either :wink:

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