Tea in Toronto?

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Jan 21st, '09, 14:57
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Tea in Toronto?

by Yerba » Jan 21st, '09, 14:57

Does anyone know of a good tea shop in Toronto? Nothing formal, just somewhere nice (preferably downtown) with a good selection where I can grab some tea to go.


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Feb 9th, '09, 11:40
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Location: Toronto

by cluster » Feb 9th, '09, 11:40

Looking for the Same

If you come across any interesting spots
Please let me know


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Mar 2nd, '09, 00:48
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My Tea Map

by RockingtheRepublic » Mar 2nd, '09, 00:48

I created a Google Map called Tea Shops in Toronto and GTA that I created:

http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF&m ... b557afa2ed OR http://tinyurl.com/dd4ucq

Anyone can edit this. If people want to add tea shops in other parts of the world please please do so! Spread this! =)

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