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Feb 24th, '09, 12:39
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by edgar_k » Feb 24th, '09, 12:39

I'm currently alternating between plain red and plain green from Special Teas. I really can't tell a difference between theirs, Adagio's, and Teavana's. Mountain Rose has some other products that look interesting so I will probably pick up some rooibos from them as well when I place an order, although I'm not expecting it to be any different. As long as it's organic I'm happy.

I've tried most of Adagio's flavored varieties, but there are so many that it would be difficult to compare each one to its counterpart from other vendors.

I find most ready-flavored varieties to be a little strong so I will usually tone them down a bit by blending about 4/5 plain with 1/5 flavored. 4 parts green rooibos with 1 part Rishi's ginger lime rooibos, steeped for 10 minutes and chilled, is great.

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Feb 24th, '09, 18:03
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by Sam. » Feb 24th, '09, 18:03

Both Mountain Rose Herb's red and green are quite good, though I can't testify as to whether they're better than the others. I feel like the playing field is pretty even for rooibos, but MRH has good prices (and they're organic).

I've ordered stuff from MRH (mostly not tea) a few times now and I'm really happy with them. Their peppermint is quite inexpensive and super fragrant if you like peppermint tea, and I just got some lavender flowers from them. It produces a really fragrant tisane that smells like you're about to drink a cup of perfume, but has a pleasant and less in-your-face taste. I feel like I'm advertising for them. :roll: I've just been happy with them so far.

Mar 7th, '09, 01:06
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by someguyouknow » Mar 7th, '09, 01:06

Brand new to the site and to Rooibos.

I am not sure how Rooibos is suppose to taste so I cannot really say anything about the quality but I bought a bulk bag from Davidson's Tea.

It tastes somewhat like... raisin water? Its not too bad. Probably wouldn't purchase this particular brand or flavor(plain jane).

Mar 8th, '09, 00:31
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by MikeyHeartsOolong » Mar 8th, '09, 00:31

I have been enjoying Harney & Sons plain rooibos lately. I highly recommend it! :D

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Mar 9th, '09, 11:37
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by 1brown1 » Mar 9th, '09, 11:37

Good earth has a really good variety of Rooibos teas.
Republic of tea uses a rooibos base for their line of healthy teas. Quite tasty.

Apr 3rd, '09, 01:39
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BRAND of Rooibos

by Eugene » Apr 3rd, '09, 01:39

Adagio and Talbott Tea rooibos I liked most and bought a good stock of them and use most of the time. I also tried Orange rooibos and Zingiber Ginger Coconut Rooibos Tea from Teavanna. Its good.

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