Distributor for Bottled White Teas

White and yellow teas are among the most subtle.

May 8th, '06, 12:33
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Distributor for Bottled White Teas

by rugrat1502104 » May 8th, '06, 12:33

I live near Pittsburgh, Pa. I am looking for a wholesale distributor of bottled white teas. I own and operate a gourmet gift shop in Imperial, Pa. I understand the white tea is the best choice. Any help will be greatly appreciated. :)

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May 8th, '06, 12:42
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Contact: Richard

by Richard » May 8th, '06, 12:42

Adagio will be able to wholesale some of the anTEAdote line if that's what you're looking for Send our wholesale manager Kyle an e-mail--kyle@adagio.com--and he'll be able to help you!

May 8th, '06, 13:29
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Distributor for bottled White Tea

by rugrat1502104 » May 8th, '06, 13:29

Thanks Richard, I have already e-mailed Kyle and am waiting a reply.

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May 9th, '06, 13:20
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by LavenderPekoe » May 9th, '06, 13:20

You could also try Revolution teas. They sell bottled white teas.

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May 10th, '06, 09:34
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by klemptor » May 10th, '06, 09:34

Inko's sells bottled white tea as well. Especially tasty are their Blueberry, Lychee, and White Peach.

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Jan 28th, '07, 04:43
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by Space Samurai » Jan 28th, '07, 04:43

I work in specialy grocery, and I'd have to say that Inko's and Revolution are the best two that I have seen. Republic of Tea makes a line that sells pretty good as well.

Feb 16th, '07, 16:20
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by Scotia » Feb 16th, '07, 16:20

I love lime, and I love tea, so I tried Revoutions bottled white tea for a change about a year ago. Talk about revolting...

If I must have bottled tea, I'll only drink Anteadote now... preferably the Jasmine.

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Feb 18th, '07, 15:23
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by TeaFanatic » Feb 18th, '07, 15:23

Itoen also sells some bottled white tea. I haven't tried it before but here is the website:


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Dec 17th, '07, 17:12
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by joelbct » Dec 17th, '07, 17:12

The Ito En bottled's are very good, I believe their bottled white-green is an excellent Peony/ Pai Mudan and Sencha blend, altho the White is what stands out... Whole Foods and many deli's and upscale bodega's in NYC are selling it now. I should be a salesman for them, because I love all of their stuff so much ;)

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