Canadian Suppliers?

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Feb 25th, '09, 10:26
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Canadian Suppliers?

by jeanblack » Feb 25th, '09, 10:26

Hi everyone! I'm new here & this is my first post. :D

I'm having the hardest time finding suppliers in Canada. I've searched the net for hours, but the only wholesalers i can find is Metropolitan. But i need suppliers who offer more certified organic products.

Can anyone help me out?


Mar 9th, '09, 13:48
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Contact: carobebe

by carobebe » Mar 9th, '09, 13:48

I'm Canadian too but I don't run a tea business... I just enjoy tea A LOT.... I get my tea from Adagio and the shipping costs are REALLY reasonable. I haven't looked into bulk deals but you may be able to contact them and ask? I would think that they have some organic teas....

Mar 9th, '09, 14:37
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by jeanblack » Mar 9th, '09, 14:37

I make my own custom tea blends, thus needing wholesale raw herb & tea ingredients.

Mar 9th, '09, 14:42
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by carobebe » Mar 9th, '09, 14:42

Good luck with your search!

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Apr 29th, '09, 13:27
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by virago_ns » Apr 29th, '09, 13:27

Based out of Toronto, will send you free samples and catelog.

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Apr 29th, '09, 14:10
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by entropyembrace » Apr 29th, '09, 14:10

You could try They're a wholesaler of organic tea and herbs and I know a local shop I goto sometimes uses them for a supplier.

Aug 24th, '09, 01:53
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Re: Canadian Suppliers?

by eoolongcom » Aug 24th, '09, 01:53

Do you interested in supplier from China of the organic oolong? We have cerficicate Number: CQM07P10037R0M 5850CN0800z1ec. If you want we'll show the certificate for you.

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