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Trends and Tips on developing and operating a tea business.

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Jun 13th, '08, 07:56
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by jobrien » Jun 13th, '08, 07:56

Attn: users and future users

There is now a group you can join that is specifically for the tea community. I established the Tea Enthusiasts and Entrepreneurs group because there was, to my knowledge, no other group for tea on the network.

A link to the group:

If you are not familiar with, it is a professional networking site allowing you to connect with current and past co-workers, as well as other associates, etc. It also allows for recommendations and much more.

I have nothing to gain by talking about However, I am a strong proponet of networking, etc. I have been using the site for a few years now.

Several have already joined from the 2008 New Business Boot Camp and the World Tea Expo...

Look forward to seeing you there!

Thank you.
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Nov 18th, '08, 08:43
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by jobrien » Nov 18th, '08, 08:43

We are now at 1,232 members in the T.E.E. group on Linked In dot com. Linked In has added the ability to both post topics for discussion as well as news articles, etc.

Check it out if you have not.
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Feb 28th, '09, 00:10
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by RockingtheRepublic » Feb 28th, '09, 00:10

I thought I got rid of Linked In for good and then you came up with this brilliant idea so now I have to rejoin... GREAT... :x

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Mar 16th, '09, 18:18
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by tea-guy » Mar 16th, '09, 18:18

I joined this group a while ago. It has been immensely helpful in my endeavor to build a new tea business!

Thanks for building this awesome group!

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Mar 16th, '09, 20:08
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by ericnicolaas » Mar 16th, '09, 20:08

Thanks for setting up this group! I've just joined and look forward to meeting some other tea fanatics out there:)

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Mar 17th, '09, 18:49
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by gingkoseto » Mar 17th, '09, 18:49

I have just recently learned about linkedin and plan to join. But something I don't yet understand is, should I be concerned if my employer knows I have other professional interests?

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Mar 18th, '09, 09:25
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It's all relative...

by tea-guy » Mar 18th, '09, 09:25


I think that would depend on the individual employer. Mine doesn't seem to care that I am looking to start a tea business.

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