Lupicia "Official" Black and Japanese Green tea topic

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Dec 17th, '09, 15:08
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Lupicia "Official" Black and Japanese Green tea topic

by Chip » Dec 17th, '09, 15:08

Lupicia was nominated and confirmed for our TeaVendor Guide under the Black and Japanese Green Tea categories. If you would like to nominate them to other categories, you may do this, otherwise limit discussion to their Black and Japanese Green Tea offerings. Thank you! :D

NEW! Official Black Tea and Japanese Green Tea Vendor Guide: Lupicia
Consider this a perennial topic for Black and Japanese teas from Lupicia.

Japanese Green

Official Black and Japanese Green Tea Vendor Guide. Let's see what happens with this wild and crazy idea. You can view the main Black Tea Vendor Guide here: ... 03#p141803 and the Japanese TeaVendor Guide here: and the main TeaVendor Guide here:

Mar 19th, '14, 17:23
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Re: Lupicia "Official" Black and Japanese Green tea topic

by MacGuffin » Mar 19th, '14, 17:23

Gee, I'm the first and I've never bought anything from them! In fact, I wasn't even aware of their existence until recently.

My friend Amy sent me a bag of Lupicia's Thé au Chocolat; she wrote me that she thought it was nice (cold-brewed) and arranged for me to have a bag as well (bear in mind that we're both serious tea drinkers who tend to prefer plain, high-end tea). Anyhow, it's quite nice. I've been taking it to school in one of my Seven Cups travel jars (I picked up several during last month's sale); it doesn't get very bitter if it sits which makes it a good choice for "grandpa-style" brewing. I've found that it's even better if I add a gram of dried rosebuds (the Sadaf brand found in Middle Eastern groceries) per 4 g leaf--it rounds out the taste and somehow sweetens it. And I agree with Amy: it's also good cold-brewed.

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