Teavana vs. Adagio?

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Feb 3rd, '10, 17:43
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Re: Teavana vs. Adagio?

by geeber1 » Feb 3rd, '10, 17:43

bsteele - you be a big 'ol troublemaker! :wink:

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Feb 3rd, '10, 20:07
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Re: Teavana vs. Adagio?

by silverneedles » Feb 3rd, '10, 20:07

Zanaspus wrote:Only thing I can think about getting uptight over is flouride in tea. As for me, I chew leaves a lot. Something has to kill me, :P
wont be the fluoride in tea. chillax.

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Feb 5th, '10, 16:30
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Re: Teavana vs. Adagio?

by littlebu » Feb 5th, '10, 16:30

I love the sampler that I got from Adagio and placed another order with them. The only other online vendor that I have used is Upton tea, and I also enjoyed their teas. As for Teavana, I went to one of their local retail locations and was blown away by the price difference. So much so I didn't purchase any tea while I was there.

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Feb 5th, '10, 19:00
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Re: Teavana vs. Adagio?

by KillJoy » Feb 5th, '10, 19:00

littlebu wrote:As for Teavana, I went to one of their local retail locations and was blown away by the price difference. So much so I didn't purchase any tea while I was there.
Maybe their store prices are different than their website prices?

I've done many price comparisons of tea to tea, between the Adagio and Teavana websites. It is true that Teavana is more expensive, but I don't know that I would let a 1-3 dollar average price difference keep me from trying their teas. Especially when the difference in price can sometimes mean difference in taste. However, that is highly dependent on opinion of course. The only direct taste comparison I've had between them is the dragonwell. Which Teavana's unforgivable 2 cents more per cup dragonwell price was the preference of my taste buds. Though they were both prepared by different people.. so.. too many variables to set the statement in stone perhaps.

Edit: I apologize for the sarcasm in this message, I just appreciate both tea vendors.

Feb 15th, '10, 03:01
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Re: Teavana vs. Adagio?

by s(tea)ven » Feb 15th, '10, 03:01

In my experience, if you are looking for fruity blends of tea, go with Teavana. Most of the tea they have in the store are fruity blends of 2 or more tea that are almost always better when sweetened. There are exceptions, of course. Monkey Picked Oolong and Silver Needle White come to mind off the top of my head.

Adagio offers a much larger variety of "normal" tea, for lack of a better term. When I say that, I mean that their tea is not focused on blends and fruity drinks like Teavana. If I am looking to broaden my experience with tea and its natural flavors, I will go with Adagio.

Both are good, but beware of Teavana's sale tactics. They have a way of getting unsuspecting people to buy things that they don't really need.

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Feb 17th, '10, 15:23
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Re: Teavana vs. Adagio?

by beckynoel » Feb 17th, '10, 15:23

When you look at Teavana's prices as compared to Adagio's, remember that the default amount, or the price you initially see when you're looking at a particular tea, is for 2 oz. Other than samplers, Adagio's initial price is for 4 oz. So in most cases, regardless of the type of tea, Teavana is about twice as expensive as Adagio for similar teas. Not $1-3.

Feb 19th, '10, 18:51
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Re: Teavana vs. Adagio?

by Skippyandjif » Feb 19th, '10, 18:51

I prefer Adagio to Teavana, simply because of the whole customer service thing-- I went into Teavana to get some jasmine green tea dark chocolates (which are amazing, and I can't find them anywhere else here), and was almost pressured into buying some of their really expensive tea.

However, I have to say that my favorite shops are the ones in NYC's Chinatown, from Ten Ren to any of the obscure little places that sell imported tea. I've found some really cheap, really good stuff there.

Feb 24th, '10, 00:16
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Re: Teavana vs. Adagio?

by InsanityPrelude » Feb 24th, '10, 00:16

I've only tried Teavana once: there's a store in the mall near my grandparents' and they were giving out free samples so I took a look. If they offered sample sizes, I'd probably try some since I like fruity flavors, but as it is I don't want to spend that much money on a full-size order of tea I might not like!

That said, I didn't have a bad experience at that store. It was so busy that day they may not have had time to try any of their purported aggressive tactics...

I haven't tried Adagio yet. :(

Edit: Oh, the Ten Ren in NYC Chinatown! I've only been to NYC once but that was my first and so far only experience with bubble tea. Good times.

Feb 24th, '10, 02:00
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Re: Teavana vs. Adagio?

by s(tea)ven » Feb 24th, '10, 02:00

Lately I've been getting a bit more annoyed with Teavana and their shenanigans. I have been in there so many times and they still don't even know who I am. Yes, I know that you give discounts when you buy a pound of tea. No, I do not want you to add some white tea to my cup of (insert type of tea here) so you can charge me the "rare" tea price.

After finding 2 local shops in my city, I realized how much better they are than Teavana. The two shops I found are called "Infusions of Tea" and "Halcyon Tea". I'm excited to go back because both of them are small business and seem very personal. I can tell that they will recognize me after a couple trips.

I still enjoy many of Teavana's teas, but after finding some of these small local shops, I don't think I will be going back to Teavana that much.

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Feb 25th, '10, 16:55
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Re: Teavana vs. Adagio?

by entropyembrace » Feb 25th, '10, 16:55

I´ve never bought tea from either Teavana or Adagio I can find pretty much equivalent tea locally from a small tea franchise called Steeps prices are okay and I enjoy being able to look at the teas up close and smell them before I buy. The staff are all very relaxed and friendly and I like chatting with the store owner when I drop by...is also a nice place to meet friends and chat over a pot of tea. :)

I do order online...but it´s from more specialized vendors to get types of tea which stores like Steeps, Adagio and Teavana don´t stock...

Dec 7th, '10, 10:33
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Re: Teavana vs. Adagio?

by Apikaila1018 » Dec 7th, '10, 10:33

Teavana has a more user friendly website. And it's obvious they are setup for online. Even based on their flat shipping rate is telling.

I started out with Teavana and their teas would advertise that you could steep their tea repeatedly. I had their oolong and I notice the second steep was better.

Adagio tends not to advertise this with their teas although I do steep one serving multiple times.

Hands down adagio is better for their marketing and allowing sample packets. How brilliant is that?

Teavana cost more because it's retail. When you consider steeping multiple times you get your moneys worth and ridiculously great quality tea. Overall you still get quality from both.

I would never have gotten into tea without sampling at a Teavana shop. I also got the feeling their representatives get commission when they sell something. So there you go. Regardless of what you think of their pricing, they are doing a great service to the US culture health wise. I gave up tea and just not drink masala chai or ginger peach. Oolong (YUM) has caffeine too. thumbs up!

I bet once Adagio becomes more retail nationally their prices in the malls will be comparable to Teavana.

If your impulsive Teavana is just great.If you're new go try it out for yourself.

I'm an internet shopper so I don't mind waiting a few days and trying out stuff. Thank you Adagio for the samplers. This is what swayed me to say, go Adagio!

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Dec 7th, '10, 11:04
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Re: Teavana vs. Adagio?

by tortoise » Dec 7th, '10, 11:04

Teavana has a good selection of cast iron pots and washi containers, but other than that, Adagio is significantly better in every regard.

Have you been to a Teavana store before? I did once, and couldn't get out of there quick enough. It's one of those high pressure sales environments where it's difficult to just browse. I felt like I had just walked on to an auto-mall car lot. :x

I don't get my usual tea from either vendor, but if I had to save one of them in the apocalypse, I would not equivocate.

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Dec 7th, '10, 11:49
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Re: Teavana vs. Adagio?

by Victoria » Dec 7th, '10, 11:49

tortoise wrote:Teavana has a good selection of cast iron pots and washi containers, but other than that, Adagio is significantly better in every regard.
Agreed. Teavana has some nice wares. But I would never shop for tea there.

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Dec 7th, '10, 12:52
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Re: Teavana vs. Adagio?

by nrstooge » Dec 7th, '10, 12:52

Ok.. we have a Teavana store in our local mall and I do have several of their teas, but I also have several from Adagio as well. I ordered from both websites the Friday after thanksgiving and Adiagio was delivered the next Thurs, Teavana on Friday. The stores in Teavana always try to sell you something new or something you didn't come in for, but since I'm on a budget and have to work my tea purchases in... I get just what I know I can afford. If I want a refil or something, I will often order online. LOVE the samplers from Adagio and I am getting ready to order 3 of them so I can try some things I haven't before.

All that being said, if Adagio had a storefront here, that would be my preferred place to go. But at least we have Gong Fu teas here too and they have several choices Teavana doesn't. Planning on taking a tea loving friend once the holidays are over (she is 84 so doesn't go places where she might have to do lots of walking... with me she'll get front door service both ways)

Dec 7th, '10, 19:40
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Re: Teavana vs. Adagio?

by Owlie » Dec 7th, '10, 19:40

I've never ordered from Adagio, though I plan to after the holidays. I like the prices better for sure, and people (here, at least) assure me that the quality is better. My boyfriend ordered the ThinkGeek sampler ("Tea, Earl Grey, hot", anyone?), and I'm very pleased with it. I'll give them a shot. I do like the fact that, unlike Teavana, you can order a sample.

I do enjoy some of Teavana's teas (the chai blend (and the white chai), Eastern Beauty, the black pearls and the straight Assam). However, apart from the chai blend and the Eastern Beauty*, I can find all** of them at SpecialTeas (or elsewhere) for much better prices. I don't care much for SuperSpecialAwesome Fruit Blend or whatever.
I will say that I like Teavana's selection of teaware better. I don't see the need for a cast iron teapot or whatever at this point, but I like the washi tins and some of their cups.
What I don't like are the pushy sales tactics--though it seems like the experience varies from store to store--and the high prices.
(I can justify perhaps buying all the teas but the Assam because I can get multiple brews out of them.) I can't really speak to the quality of the tea because I don't have enough experience.

*I'm sure one exists that I'll like, but I haven't found it yet.
**I haven't tried Adagio's pearls yet. I'll order a sample and see.

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