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Feb 23rd, '06, 12:33
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Suggest me your favourite herbal tea , please.

by Henry » Feb 23rd, '06, 12:33

Well, im new to herbal teas, i want to know more about them what makes them better than black or green tea.
And specific teas u may suggest , too.
Give me some advice :)

Feb 23rd, '06, 12:41
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by garden gal » Feb 23rd, '06, 12:41

I think you might get an arguement that herbals are "better"- they are all pretty good and have health benefits in their own ways.
As for favorites- I like peppermint (esp with some chocolate flavored teas), chamomile for bedtime, foxtrot is really good- late evening type also. Blood orange is good by itself for a cold winter day or with spiced green for an added kick if you like spiced Christmasy teas.
Raspberry and apple are great but I like the fruits better cold than warm (try a little bit of carmamel rooibos in the apple).
Rooibos cocomint is great also - that and the vanilla are probably my favorite rroibos.

Feb 23rd, '06, 15:02
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by PlantFan » Feb 23rd, '06, 15:02

there's also a thread on the Herbal section which you may find helpful.
as for me, i too, enjoy the peppermint and chamomile w/ honey. i've also tried hops but you really need to be careful about the steeping time (not too long) and balance it w/ some sweetness. i confess to still using tea bags especially for blends such as "bedtime", "cold/throat comfort", etc. i'm not keen on fruity flavors though.
as for being "better", i think it all depends on your thirst.
good luck!

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Feb 25th, '06, 22:04
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by Carnelian » Feb 25th, '06, 22:04

Well I don't know about the "best" herbal; but my favorite is the blood orange because it holds true to its name, where as other of the fruit herbals I've had were hibiscus heavy.

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