The new edition of Tea Blogs!

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Aug 4th, '11, 18:02
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Re: The new edition of Tea Blogs!

by KeenTeaThyme » Aug 4th, '11, 18:02

My blog is Keen Tea Thyme:

I've got a contest going now through August 23rd to win a pouch of my Toasted Marshmallow blend!

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Aug 23rd, '11, 22:43
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Re: The new edition of Tea Blogs!

by Tao » Aug 23rd, '11, 22:43

hi, this is my blog

thanks for give us a chance to list the blog

Sep 21st, '11, 20:53
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Re: The new edition of Tea Blogs!

by Rusaiji » Sep 21st, '11, 20:53

Hey, I just started a new tea blog with my BF a few days ago about creating custom flavored tea blends, here it is:

It's mostly in the beginning stages for now, but it will get better.

Oct 13th, '11, 10:21
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Re: The new edition of Tea Blogs!

by bryan_drinks_tea » Oct 13th, '11, 10:21

Here's my blog, but it hasn't been updated since May:

Oct 16th, '11, 05:30
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Re: The new edition of Tea Blogs!

by djlau » Oct 16th, '11, 05:30

We're opening our first tea house, Asha Tea House, soon.

Read about designing and building a tea house/business. Follow our journey on our blog and share a cup of tea with us.

Oct 19th, '11, 00:29
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Re: The new edition of Tea Blogs!

by teagirlritz » Oct 19th, '11, 00:29

I'm a certified tea sommelier in Canada. Here's my blog,

kindly take a look, thank you!

Oct 28th, '11, 16:10
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Re: The new edition of Tea Blogs!

by Da Hong Pao » Oct 28th, '11, 16:10

Just now getting started on posting.

Here's a link to more photos

Oct 30th, '11, 08:10
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Re: The new edition of Tea Blogs!

by wagrz » Oct 30th, '11, 08:10

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Jan 3rd, '12, 20:06
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Re: The new edition of Tea Blogs!

by bambooforest » Jan 3rd, '12, 20:06

I am the official monk of YouTube.

Being a monk... I kinda drink a lot of tea.

Which makes my YouTube channel, in some subtle way, a channel about... you guessed it, tea!

Here is my latest video.

I'm quite convinced you'll love it with a passion:

Spontaneous Movie Dance

~Bliss Monk

Jan 6th, '12, 01:53
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Re: The new edition of Tea Blogs!

by JakubT » Jan 6th, '12, 01:53

My blog (mostly about sheng puerh):
Hope you like it!

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Feb 11th, '12, 09:07
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Re: The new edition of Tea Blogs!

by sriracha » Feb 11th, '12, 09:07

Oh dear, it's been a while since I posted here...

Anyway, to keep Tobias' blog company, and for any other poor tea-addicted Swedes wandering by, here's my little tea-dedicated place on the Internet:

In Swedish, but perhaps the pics can provide some entertainment. Brave souls could of course use Google Translate, but the result are rather atrocious :D

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Feb 27th, '12, 14:44
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by gasninja » Feb 27th, '12, 14:44

I started a blog discussing aged tea and gu-shu pu-erh that I happen to be drinking.

Let me know what you think.

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Mar 1st, '12, 13:11
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Re: The new edition of Tea Blogs!

by Dinahsaur » Mar 1st, '12, 13:11

I've been away for a month or two now. I've been so busy getting everything organized and settled for my tea blog that I was neglecting some of my favorite tea discussion locations (namely TC)! So, to get myself back in the ring, I figured a good place to start is by sharing the very reason for my absence.

Check out the newly released... Fun and FlirTea!

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Apr 2nd, '12, 13:20
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Re: The new edition of Tea Blogs!

by Lerxst2112 » Apr 2nd, '12, 13:20

Though not chock full of reviews, etc, this blog does house a lot of tea related posts, as well as music, poetry and photography. With a little more confidence, I may start posting tea notes - maybe.

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Apr 2nd, '12, 21:31
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Re: The new edition of Tea Blogs!

by Pekoechen » Apr 2nd, '12, 21:31

Here's mine in English and German:

Miss Tea Delight is a blog dedicated to tea drinkers, hobbyists and enthusiasts. It is also a play on words and sounds like "misty delight", referring to tea plants that flourish in the mountains and thrive on the misty dewy mountain air.
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