Harrods herbal tea?

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Nov 9th 10 5:22 pm
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Harrods herbal tea?

by tcsouthpaw » Nov 9th 10 5:22 pm

Hello all!

I was in London about 10 years ago and picked up some lovely tea from Harrods - I want to say it was a herbal or fruit blend, perhaps with raspberry as a main ingredient. I've long since run out, and unable to remember exactly what it was or find an equivalent on the Harrods website or other brands. Does anyone recall this tea, and can you suggest a substitute if it no longer around?

Thank you so much!


Nov 11th 10 3:10 am
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Re: Harrods herbal tea?

by jodiklaus » Nov 11th 10 3:10 am

I recently purchased from Gala Tea in Illinois a blend called Summer Blend. It is so heavenly it certainly can't be good for you! It reminds me of the roasted almonds you get at the Renaissance Festivals. It doesn't have raspberry but it's excellent.

If you are looking for raspberry I recently purchased Adagio's Raspberry Green tea which is good by itself and mixed with the Rhubarb green.