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Jun 15th 18 9:15 pm
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Re: Official what Black (Red) Tea Are You Drinking Right Now?

by kukicha » Jun 15th 18 9:15 pm

I’m steeping a Ceylon OP from the shawlands estate right now. I’m doing one with a tea ball, one with an ingested gaiwan, and one with a heated gaiwan. I wanna see if the three different sterling’s all have a slightly different flavor or feel to them.

I remember I got a Ceylon from the Vithanakande estate a while back and it’s been my favorite tea by far, but I just haven’t bought any recently. I can’t wait to get some more soon.
Kortney wrote: Though good nothing stands out at all for me...everything I find in this tea I can find better in a decent keemun with much less leaf ie. jing tea shop everyday organic keemun beats this hands down for me and its much cheaper and more complex here (the yuuki does have a decent sweet aftertaste though and good about not getting bitter with long steeps)
I imagine their handpicked blacks are still worth a try, look pretty tasty