Earl Grey and Milk?

These teas can resemble virtually any flavor imaginable.

Jan 7th, '14, 17:53
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Re: Earl Grey and Milk?

by ClarG » Jan 7th, '14, 17:53

I usually drink Earl Grey without milk but sometimes I'll put milk in and a very small amount of vanilla extract.

I had a cup of Earl Grey tea both with and without milk today and it tastes good either way.

Dec 23rd, '14, 10:33
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Re: Earl Grey and Milk?

by Cameo399 » Dec 23rd, '14, 10:33

I drink earl grey with a spoon of coconut cream and then add in almond milk (need to be dairy free). Otherwise the bergamot flavor can be too overwhelming for me, but then I add the coconut cream/almond milk combo to all my black tea these days since it is easier on my stomach.

Mar 7th, '15, 15:28
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Re: Earl Grey and Milk?

by kiwi303 » Mar 7th, '15, 15:28

I'm another EG and Milk drinker.

Always blue top or full fat from the house cow. I don't consider light blue or green tops to be milk, they're coloured water.

NZ milk grades are:

Red top: pure cream.
Silver/Grey top: full milk with all it's fat and cream, content varies seasonally and is often not available in winter.
(dark) Blue top: standard milk, depending on season some cream/fat is added, other times is skimmed slightly, same milkfat profiles year round, no matter what the cows are providing.
Light Blue top: skim milk
Green top: low fat skim milk for the diet nuts.

WHICH milk you use changes the flavour of the tea...

Apr 4th, '17, 11:55
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Re: Earl Grey and Milk?

by FinestTippy » Apr 4th, '17, 11:55

I definitely enjoy Earl Grey with milk, but without sugar.

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May 23rd, '17, 02:45
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Re: Earl Grey and Milk?

by janet11 » May 23rd, '17, 02:45

If you like tea with a smooth taste, I think milk can take away the bitter taste of tea. I also asked many people who drink tea, they are willing to add milk into tea. I hope you should try and find the best match for youself. :D

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