Fighting Cancer with Tea

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

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Jul 22nd, '11, 14:05
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Re: Fighting Cancer with Tea

by Chip » Jul 22nd, '11, 14:05

Yutaka Midori fukamushi FTW!

Jul 22nd, '11, 15:22
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Re: Fighting Cancer with Tea

by a.serrao » Jul 22nd, '11, 15:22

This article is extremely interesting...

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Jul 22nd, '11, 16:54
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Re: Fighting Cancer with Tea

by entropyembrace » Jul 22nd, '11, 16:54

heres a different study with similar results, though they didn´t test as many different teas as the one I was thinking of.

It´s a Spanish study translated to English so red tea means shu puerh.

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Jul 22nd, '11, 17:04
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Re: Fighting Cancer with Tea

by entropyembrace » Jul 22nd, '11, 17:04

and be careful about overgeneralizing based upon limited studies...the chemical content of the tea you consume is affected greatly by many variables from growing conditions to how you brew

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Jul 23rd, '11, 23:29
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Re: Fighting Cancer with Tea

by Bakkoi » Jul 23rd, '11, 23:29

You should talk to your doctor first about any supplements or holistic treatments you take first, including tea. High quality, fresh loose leaf green tea is different from the old, dried-up fannings used to make the teabags you can buy in grocery stores. It has a pharmacological effect and has been appreciated for medical application in the Orient for over a thousand years.

Might be worth it for you to go for organic tea, too. You do not have to limit yourself to green tea, either. White tea is particularly forgiving to beginners because it generally does not get bitter when oversteeped.

Jul 24th, '11, 09:02
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Re: Fighting Cancer with Tea

by AmyLynn43 » Jul 24th, '11, 09:02

Thank you for all the continued responses!

I called my doctor to ask his opinion on all of this, and he said "Tea is an antioxidant, so it certainly can't hurt. Go right ahead."

Mar 12th, '12, 15:56
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Re: Fighting Cancer with Tea

by AmyLynn43 » Mar 12th, '12, 15:56

An update, 8 months later: Nothing but good news

This may sound hard to believe, but bear with me. For the past 8 months since I posted my initial question, I have been diligently drinking a cup of green tea daily, with an added splash of lemon juice. I have also consumed papaya 5 times per week (also a suspected cancer-fighter). I have generally changed my diet overall to be more healthy (way more fruits and vegetables and way less processed goods). In addition, I took a multivitamin daily.

Had a doctor appointment last week. He did a biopsy of my cervix. We all were expecting that the the abnormal cells had continued to multiply and that I would need surgery. Doctor called me two days later - and miraculously and unbelievably - the lab tests showed that there were no more abnormal cells. The potential cancer had regressed and I was completely healthy. He said this is extremely rare and I should be extremely grateful. And believe me, I am.

So you can draw your own conclusions - I'm not going to claim that it was one thing or another that definitively made this condition go away. But all I know is, it certainly doesn't hurt to live a healthy lifestyle :) Thank you all for your help & support. :D

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Mar 12th, '12, 16:17
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Re: Fighting Cancer with Tea

by Xell » Mar 12th, '12, 16:17

That's really nice to hear! This is second time i hear directly from affected person, that after continuing with green tea result of treatment cancer was far better than doctors expected. At least i want to believe that tea actually did something.

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Mar 12th, '12, 16:49
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Re: Fighting Cancer with Tea

by teaisme » Mar 12th, '12, 16:49

Yay celebrations ! :mrgreen:

Glad you overcame!

Mar 12th, '12, 22:14
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Re: Fighting Cancer with Tea

by verus » Mar 12th, '12, 22:14

That's wonderful, congratulations.

Mar 14th, '12, 17:30
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Re: Fighting Cancer with Tea

by Proinsias » Mar 14th, '12, 17:30

Wonderful news

Mar 14th, '12, 22:53
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Re: Fighting Cancer with Tea

by beecrofter » Mar 14th, '12, 22:53

Be mindful while on chemo of what you take, green tea is known to interfere with proteosome inhibitors like bortezomib and actually protects the cancer from the chemo.

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Mar 20th, '12, 21:38
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Re: Fighting Cancer with Tea

by Teacup1980 » Mar 20th, '12, 21:38

Such a wonderful stories here in TeaChat. So many helpful persons and messages. I'm glad to hear that AmyLynn43 was fully recovered. Congratulation!

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