Japan. Travel futures and logs!

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Oct 20th, '17, 19:35
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Re: Japan. Travel futures and logs!

by debunix » Oct 20th, '17, 19:35

Yesterday we did indeed get to Obubu Tea Farm for their tour, and it was a delightful adventure, start to finish....although there was a little frustration due to a missed and then a canceled train, so we were quite late, but they were amazingly accommodating and make terrific tea, and my tea stash to bring home is now quite satisfying, even before a planned excursion to Uji and the Tsuen Tea shop itself—nearly a thousand years of tea on the same spot, and the source of my favorite ‘Aoi’ sencha from O-Cha. Now to the source.....although I doubt it can beat the floral and delicate and marvelous Spring Sun Sencha or the Kabusecha Sencha from Obubu.

More later, when I can pull together notes from other sources on my computer. Typing on my Bluetooth keyboard is easy, but cutting, pasting, and collating is not.

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Oct 21st, '17, 04:21
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Re: Japan. Travel futures and logs!

by Sasameyuki » Oct 21st, '17, 04:21

Hi debunix, seems you’re having a wonderful tea adventure! I’m very much looking forward to reading the rest of your experiences. Have fun!

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