Rooibos: headaches

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Oct 28th 14 9:57 pm
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Re: Rooibos: headaches

by memer » Oct 28th 14 9:57 pm

A great choice of tea that has a lot of healthy benefits. I love taking it before bed time, for me to sleep better. Rooibos has variety of antioxidant like Aspalathin which help balance blood sugar. It is also caffeine free which is good for those people suffering from insomia. This can also cure or ease headache that why it is commonly known as relaxation mineral and will protect you against headache that may lead to migraine.
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Feb 13th 16 4:11 am
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Re: Rooibos: headaches

by swongky » Feb 13th 16 4:11 am

I think I may have done my life-time quota of rooibos. These days, it'll take me 3 days of drinking it at work (several times a day at work), before I get pretty bad headaches and I'm not one to usually get headaches.

I'm not sure if it's because I leave the tea leaves in and it getting pretty strong?

However, I find it hard to do moderation with rooibos, so I stay clear of it these days.

Sep 3rd 18 8:23 pm
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Re: Rooibos: headaches

by lemoncat » Sep 3rd 18 8:23 pm

I can never understand the purpose of people saying: "It never happened to me and I drink/eat/do that all the time". Just because something didn't happen to you personally, like a nut allergy for example, doesn't help the person it does happen to. To me it's super invalidating. Those comments usually suggest the person is confused and something else must be going on- their reasoning being that it didn't happen to them personally. Some people eat peanuts all the time and never have a problem.

There are more than one person on just this thread saying Rooibos tea gives them headaches. Googling doesn't prove anything either as there are tons and tons of blogs, etc saying it's good for many things. Also many places selling it saying it's good for many things. It doesn't mean that there aren't people who DO get negative reactions from it.

I've just read so many times, "I consume x food/drink every day and never had a problem." I'm happy for you, but maybe someone who's not you does have a problem with (fill in the blank). There are things also like oxalates, salicylates, histamine, mold, etc. ,that can make people feel unwell. Maybe this stuff is susceptible to mold. Or there may be issues about the way it's processed. Plus no food is a superfood. Foods that are exclusive to certain parts of the world get pushed on the rest of the world as super healthy, but the fine print shows they are only marginally different from any other fruit, veg, tea, etc.

Oct 24th 18 8:41 am
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Re: Rooibos: headaches

by Vic » Oct 24th 18 8:41 am

I used to drink normal tea. However over the years my throat took strain. I found it was similar to heart burn. I also found it difficult to swallow food. I concluded that it was the tannins in tea or tannic acid. I also has mild pain in my finger joints. Not sure if this was related. So I stopped drinking normal tea. My throat cleared up well. Still get the odd heartburn but certainly not as bad as it was. Also no joint pain. I tried Rooibos tea. I found if I did not drink too much all was fine. But excessive drinking it would give me headaches. One evening I drank two large cups of Rooibos. I awoke at around 3am with the most severe headache. Almost migraine, I don't normally get headaches like that. I have stopped drinking Rooibos and have had no more headaches. I now drink Earl White tea (80% hot water, 20% milk) you get used to it. No headaches, no sore throat and no sore joints.

Oct 27th 18 12:32 am
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Re: Rooibos: headaches

by TomRiddle247 » Oct 27th 18 12:32 am

Hi guys, im new here so... Nice to meet you !
Well i found some articles about this Rooibos (red tea) and they say its pretty good for losing weight and fat. Also, one friend of mine send me this site to buy this tea
( ) . Does anyone know if this is legit ?

Oct 27th 18 11:56 am
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Re: Rooibos: headaches

by TomRiddle247 » Oct 27th 18 11:56 am

hey,you can learn about rooibos tea in this blog . That actually help me with my sleep and my weight, too. Hope it will help you

Dec 18th 18 5:37 pm
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I'm new here I've enjoyed reading these post had a question

by jimmy615 » Dec 18th 18 5:37 pm

hi im a 40 yr old truck driver and i dont have much time due to i work 7 days a week up to 70 to 80 hours a week im looking for a natural way to lose weight im 6 ft 3 320 pds looking to lose 150 pds i was talking to this guy yesterday he told me about this tea ... ruTKa9JT6o
does anyone no anything or have used this tea i like the review just looking for some feed back or some recomendation on other products thanks.

Jan 7th 19 7:21 pm
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Re: Rooibos: headaches

by Steftsan » Jan 7th 19 7:21 pm

In my case, Rooibos tea helps me sleep well, and I don't have headaches or migraines after I consume it. Also, check this article about the benefits of Rooibos tea to see how beneficial it is in general: ... f-red-tea/

Mar 1st 19 9:00 am
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Re: Rooibos: headaches

by Esther » Mar 1st 19 9:00 am

I have just figured out that Rooibos Tea gives me a headache. It's not a super bad one, but makes me a bit out of it and also dizzy.