Rooibos: headaches

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Oct 28th, '14, 17:57
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Re: Rooibos: headaches

by memer » Oct 28th, '14, 17:57

A great choice of tea that has a lot of healthy benefits. I love taking it before bed time, for me to sleep better. Rooibos has variety of antioxidant like Aspalathin which help balance blood sugar. It is also caffeine free which is good for those people suffering from insomia. This can also cure or ease headache that why it is commonly known as relaxation mineral and will protect you against headache that may lead to migraine.
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Feb 12th, '16, 23:11
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Re: Rooibos: headaches

by swongky » Feb 12th, '16, 23:11

I think I may have done my life-time quota of rooibos. These days, it'll take me 3 days of drinking it at work (several times a day at work), before I get pretty bad headaches and I'm not one to usually get headaches.

I'm not sure if it's because I leave the tea leaves in and it getting pretty strong?

However, I find it hard to do moderation with rooibos, so I stay clear of it these days.

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