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Jan 16th, '13, 19:11
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Isado app

by Senchamatcha » Jan 16th, '13, 19:11

I noticed there is an app for Iphone called "Isado". has anyone used it? and is it useful to learning (even basic) tea ceremony?

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Jan 19th, '13, 22:22
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Re: Isado app

by robbie_olive » Jan 19th, '13, 22:22

The simple answer is no.

The tea ceremony cannot be learned through an iPhone app.

I've seen that app before and it's just something with which to play. If you want to learn the real deal , you have to physically do it at keiko (practice class). It takes many years of practice and hard work to get to a proficient level of performing the tea ceremony. I suggest you find a tea ceremony in your area and start to learn it.

Jan 19th, '13, 23:00
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Re: Isado app

by Senchamatcha » Jan 19th, '13, 23:00

Ok thank you.
It's too bad the nearest place to learn is 2 hours away (if I take the interstate and am able to drive 70 miles an hour the whole way. :cry: which is almost never possible!)
I would love at least a few Sado/chanoyu lessons but I am afraid they are too far away. I was hopeful that this app might be useful, but alas it seems it is not. :(

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