1st Signature Blend (Beauty & the Beast inspired)-- Help?

Discuss some of the favorite customer-created Signature Blends.

Nov 30th 13 7:19 am
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1st Signature Blend (Beauty & the Beast inspired)-- Help?

by CastleHeiress » Nov 30th 13 7:19 am

Hello, fellow tea enthusiasts!

Within the last year or so I have discovered that I really like tea. I love Adagio for the wide variety of teas they sell (and in such convenient little sampler packets!) and their awesome signature blend deal!
So, after having tried plenty of different things, I decided I want to experiment with my own signature blends. Right now, I am playing the role of Belle in a local production of Beauty and the Beast, so I really want to put together a signature blend (or two. or three.) based on this fabulous musical. :D I bought a bunch of sampler packages, and have been trying to mix myself something yummy.

Anyway, down to business. I'd LOVE some input from someone with some experience!
I love how the Earl Gray Moonlight and Almond Oolong taste together. It's fragrant and nutty and creamy and perfect, straight or with sugar and cream!
I've already decided that I need more Almond Oolong in the blend that Earl Gray Moonlight, just so the earl doesn't overpower the oolong. With just the two of those together, my blend is about 60% Almond Oolong and 40% Earl Gray Moonlight.
I'm thinking of just throwing in an inclusion of rose petals and calling it "Enchanted Castle" or something, (the almond oolong tastes like marzipan, which seems like a distinctly old-fashioned desert to me, and the earl gray moonlight is romantic and somehow both relaxing and exciting) but I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for a third tea to add to the blend?

It might be okay with just that, but I feel there could be something else... I don't know. I never would have thought these flavors tasted good together, so I'm looking for suggestions and thoughts! Thank you!