TeaDay 5/29/14 Are you a Chugger????

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So, share with us ... how do you enjoy your tea? Are you a sipper, a slurper, gulper, chugger? And why? Multi votes

Snort :)
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Sep 11th, '14, 04:43
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Re: TeaDay 5/29/14 Are you a Chugger????

by Andy S. » Sep 11th, '14, 04:43

Slurp!! Defo, when you have a good tea on our hand, it's not enough to sip, snif or snort. I would describe myself as in the middle of Slurpper and a Chugger. If it's a hot day and there is ice matcha on the table - CHUG! :D

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Sep 12th, '14, 14:18
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Re: TeaDay 5/29/14 Are you a Chugger????

by paxl13 » Sep 12th, '14, 14:18

Slurper when it's small small cup of shou pu'er
Glup when it's a big cup of hot water with very lil' taste like earl gray ;)

Sep 15th, '14, 01:53
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Re: TeaDay 5/29/14 Are you a Chugger????

by TeaViking » Sep 15th, '14, 01:53

I always sniff the tea first. Then a first slurp. If its really hot i`ll continue to slurp, it it is a bit ccoler then its sipping time (my favorit). If the tea was forgotten (because of life) then I gulp before it becomes even cooler.

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Sep 18th, '14, 23:55
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Re: TeaDay 5/29/14 Are you a Chugger????

by Jaymo » Sep 18th, '14, 23:55

I guess I'm with the majority in that I tend to alternate between sips and slurps. With stronger flavors, I'll tend to relax and sip more often. With more subdued/mellow teas I find myself slurping without thinking about it to try and bring out the flavors more.

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Oct 14th, '14, 20:46
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Re: TeaDay 5/29/14 Are you a Chugger????

by Hannah » Oct 14th, '14, 20:46

Totally depends for me!

For anything chinese like oolongs or pu, I sip.. Although some tasty mellow shus or deathroast TGY end up being gulped because I can't help myself :mrgreen:

For japanese greens I tend to take deeper slurps.. I'm actually not sure why...

Oct 22nd, '14, 01:18
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Re: TeaDay 5/29/14 Are you a Chugger????

by meintea » Oct 22nd, '14, 01:18

Even though I love my tea, my tongue is not a fan of hot liquids, so I'm a sipper ... until it's warm and then a chug.

Dec 8th, '14, 19:24
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Re: TeaDay 5/29/14 Are you a Chugger????

by JAS-eTea » Dec 8th, '14, 19:24

The answer really depends on the tea I am enjoying. A Dancong oolong would be a sniff and sip tea. I like to slurp some teas also to take in more of the flavor profile. Even the better flavored teas can be sipped and savored. Gulping is for the cheap stuff. A nice masala chai is a spice lover's delight and a great way to enhance lesser quality teas. A nice Silver Needle tea is great to let fill your mouth and absorb slowly. The labor and effort to produce these teas certainly warrants such attention.

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Dec 8th, '15, 05:00
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Re: TeaDay 5/29/14 Are you a Chugger????

by NepalB2B » Dec 8th, '15, 05:00

I like to Enjoy Tea and coffee only by sip. By which I can feel the real taste of the tea. Nepalese Tea and Coffee have great flavor so I don't want to spoil that taste by Slurp.

Mishra Om

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