How do you review/evaluate teashops?

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Oct 7th 06 2:26 am
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How do you review/evaluate teashops?

by kauai_teaguy » Oct 7th 06 2:26 am

Aloha fellow tea drinkers,

I recently posted my first teashop review. How do you evaluate artistry in tea service? Is it by the quality of china used, presentation, service or some other factors. Some teashops are more formal than others. Do you take this in consideration when evaluating artistry?

Thanks for helping a new member. I live on Kauai which is void of teashops and enjoy visiting them when traveling.


Nov 29th 06 4:35 pm
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by jakal323 » Nov 29th 06 4:35 pm

For me, the evaluation is very site specific. If the place touts itself as a formal, victorian style teashop, the presentation of the small foods as well as the china used becomes important. The decor is usually something that they nail down pretty well across the board, so that usually doesn't come into play as much.

Modern/urban/green style teashops, however, should be evaluated differently IMHO. The decor tends to have more variation, so that should come into play. The presentation of the tea & food itself tends to be much simpler, so I don't judge it the same as I would a more formal shop.

The quality of the tea and the service rendered are universal traits. Those don't change for me at all.