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Jan 27th 17 3:04 am
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Re: guitar9876, Tea-Yuan: Yancha and Puer

by Zared » Jan 27th 17 3:04 am

guitar9876 wrote:Hey Everyone,
I'm sorry about the site email being down. Thanks for letting me know and it has been fixed. (Thank you Brian for responding before I even saw the post! :mrgreen:)

Yes starting a business is quite an endeavor. We were fortunate to find a source for high quality Yancha during our time in China and since we often travel back and forth between China and the US, we thought it would be nice to make some of these teas available to fellow tea lovers in the west. Though it can be often complicated running a business, especially while in Grad school, we have no regrets! We are really grateful for our customers support thus far.

We are actually going to be back in China from May 18 though August and hope to come back with some new teas! We will be accepting orders but we will not be shipping until June as we get settled in China. If you are interested in placing an order please contact us at

All the best,
I was gonna order some tea from them so I sent them an email but never heard back. Anyone know if they're still in business?