New Blog on Puerh Tea

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Jan 26th, '15, 12:41
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New Blog on Puerh Tea

by PuerhCollector » Jan 26th, '15, 12:41

Hello to all the good people of Teachat

I have been on a decade long journey with puerh tea that started in 2000. I have recently started a tea blog to share my experiences with puerh tea and how this became a turning point for me to make positive changes to my life. I am a passionate tea enthusiast, collector and trader.

My main objective for this puerh tea blog is to provide tea enthusiasts with (I sincerely hope) useful information and knowledge from someone who has firsthand experience with the tea markets, storing tea, changing trends in tea, studied and experimented on the different aspects of tea appreciation and taste, encountered both the pitfalls and high rewards that is a part of the journey with puerh tea.

Lastly to all my fellow passionate collectors, we are on the same emotional roller coaster ride that is part of being a puerh collector and that is rooting for our teacakes to hopefully one day be comparable to the class of perhaps the 1950s-60s Masterpieces :mrgreen:

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