Please update Blueberry White Tea

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Update Blueberry White

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Feb 5th 15 4:05 am
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Please update Blueberry White Tea

by Dryicefox » Feb 5th 15 4:05 am

It has come to my attention that Blueberry White tea from Adagio was indeed a quite popular tea. The tea has been a reliable sell to those who are new to Adagio and buying tea.

As a tea drinker, one who enjoys their cup, I have found that there are much higher quality teas from Adagio at the same price. While it may seem beneficial to ask oneself, "Why fix what isn't broken?" it is a tragedy to see Adagio claim its high quality and sell such inferior leaves. Such teas as White Pear, White Peony, White Monkey, and White Strawberry, the two flavors being newer installments undoubtedly, all are of much higher quality and standard to those teas commonly sold in bags such as Bigelow or Celestial Teas; though, the Blueberry White tea happens to be incredibly inferior to its newer counterparts and, to a lesser extent, the tea bag rivals. This tea needs an upgrade, one that sheds its skin of the early days of Adagio.

What exactly is that bold new upgrade? Why, it's a reinstallment of the Blueberry White Tea's original form! Instead of using the old browning white tea that crumples and easily falls into tea dust at the shake of a bag, Adagio could consider using the fresher and higher quality tea leaves that are used for the company's other Flavored Whites (White Tea with Fruit accents). Give a customer favorite the update it deserves!

Currently, out of all 4 Blueberry White tea orders, all of them 8oz, I have yet to make a tea that is completely spared of tea dust. The end result of making such a tea is a murky yellow that is of the same shade of urine that tastes all the like.

• The possibility of poor water has been ruled out by the use of distilled water, local Texan tap water, and water filtered via reverse osmosis.

• Continually, I have measured the temperatures of the teas and their brew times, changing the temperature to make a difference in my tea and/or the brew times, from 3 minutes to 5 minutes.

• The possibility of tea dust residing in a filter has been ruled out as a problem. Both the Ingenuitea and the Ingenuitea XL have been used to filter the tea, both separately and in conjunction, and have proved to still make an inferior cup filled with tea dust.

This is a problem due to not only the lack of quality of the tea, but also the ease of making tea from other Whites and Flavored White teas. The filters do their job and no tea dust is in the drink after the proper brewing of the following teas: White Monkey, White Pear, White Strawberry, White Peony.

As a fan of Adagio and a supporter of what Adagio stands for, I would love to see Adagio be the best that it can be. Blueberry White is in desperate need of catching up to the standards of the newer Flavored Whites. Those who want to be convinced that Adagio tea is better than the bagged tea, should be able to make tea that is superior to their old tea experience.

Thank you for your time,
Verneri K.

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I'll upload some images of my cups at some point to show the dust.