Help with chinese for Lu Tong

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May 4th, '15, 21:54
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Help with chinese for Lu Tong

by Bok » May 4th, '15, 21:54

Dear everyone, especially the ones with knowledge of the Chinese language :D

One of my favorite quote on tea of all times is from a gentlemen called Lu Tong, 盧仝 (

His most famous writing are the Seven bowls, or the Song of tea.

The one I like however, is this one:
I am in no way interested in immortality, but only in the taste of tea
I have been trying to find the chinese original characters for it, but haven’t had any luck so far… my chinese is certainly not up to the task to research Tang dynasty poets :lol:

I could find the Chinese for the Song of tea, but nothing on the other quote. I am not even sure part of what writing it is, or if it is a lose attribution coming from somewhere else.

I would highly appreciate any help on the matter!

May 5th, '15, 00:06
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Re: Help with chinese for Lu Tong

by Bok » May 5th, '15, 00:06

My wife did some research and it seems that it is indeed more of an attribution, not something he wrote. She was also not able to find it in the kind of old Chinese, only how people nowadays would say it:


According to her it sounds weird in Chinese and the source text would have used a different way to write it.

Really strange, as the English quote is found abundantly, but no trace of the Chinese source…

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