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Review: Three Cultivar Red from Red Blossom Tea

by jwicked207 » Jul 17th, '15, 21:22

from steeptimes.blogspot.com:

Today I’ll be reviewing another tea from Red Blossom. I purchased The Discovery Collection which comes with four sample teas, all of which I’ll review. I’ll be drinking the Three Cultivar Red today.

From the Red Blossom website:

“Our Three Cultivar Red is a unique blend of three varieties from Wuyi Shan and Fujian Province. In a world defined by tradition and age-old crafting methods, this tea is a rare innovation. The tea maker who created it is amongst a small group experimenting with new cultivars and crafting styles to create wonderful and delicious teas that buck tradition.
The leaves for this tea were harvested the first week of May 2014. It consists of leaves of two aromatic cultivars typically reserved for Wuyi Oolongs: Huang Guan Yin and Jin Guan Yin. These teas were then blended with a small leaf cultivar typically used to make green tea.”

The leaf is a beautiful brown color, thin, stiff, and releases a strong sweet aroma that lingers.

I used the recommended 3.5 grams for a gaiwan and did a 10 second rinse to wake the tea and warm the tools. Then I infused for 2 minutes at 205 degrees F.

The liquor had the color of maple syrup and had a soft sweet smell. The leaf had an Earthy sweet aroma.

The first steep was very good. The front of the taste was black tea but it transformed into an earthy sweetness that lasted for a while on my palate and into the next steeping. I wanted to drink every drop of the steep. I was surprised by the transition from black tea taste to the sweetness. It had no overtones of any other flavors.

The second steep was more of the same with the aftertaste building on itself. It lost a little of the black tea front and gained more of the sweetness. I didn’t taste any bitterness or astringency and it was a very gentle finish. I went on to do two more steeps and the tea remained sweet throughout. It lost some flavor but I probably could have went past four steeps and I was pushing the times towards the end to between 4-5 minutes.

I loved this tea so much I tried it the next day at work and went through three large steepings. It had the same great tastes and aromas of the gaiwan session. The sweetness from each steep will stay on your tongue into the next steeping. This is a tea I keep looking forward to drinking again as I love the mix of earthy sweetness with that of a traditional black tea taste. I didn’t get much Qi from either session but it did perk me up. I could see this being an everyday drinker for me. I think this is the best of the sample set.

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Re: Review: Three Cultivar Red from Red Blossom Tea

by Chip » Jul 17th, '15, 21:49

I have moved your post to TeaBlogs where it will be more at home ... and permitted.

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