Feb 16th, '16, 10:45
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Odd experience w/ tea; possible reason & fix

by ethan » Feb 16th, '16, 10:45

Sometimes I drink a tea that I know well; yet, there is a surprise in the taste one session. I have wondered if something got into the pot or on the inside of my cup etc.

Once w/ a tea purchased just a few weeks ago, I tasted salt. The last few days the tea has been somewhat flat.

I think I know why. Before this tea was chosen, the lady hosting our sampling was drinking w/ us. She was drinking much more tea than we were as she insisted on preparing at least 3 infusions of each tea & showing us that she indeed thought it was excellent tea by drinking all of the fairly large servings she had poured for herself. We sometimes poured some of our samples into the waste water bowl; she drank all of hers. Thus, she was sweating by the time we had made selections; &, she was filling our bags.

I think some beads of perspiration fell onto the tea; so, once I scooped leaves that were "salted". Additionally, the sweat has humidified my tea somewhat. Hardly any tea would have been directly effected by salt. I may never scoop any salted leaves again & the note of salt did not ruin the flavors.

The flatness is the concern. Humidity can ruin the tea. Fortunately, Teadoff & others remind us that many teas can go right back to perfect condition w/ a bit of refreshing--some roasting.

I'll give it a try w/ this tea. I have done this w/ teas that I have had for a year or more. This will be the only time for a tea bought only a few weeks earlier.

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Feb 16th, '16, 11:19
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Re: Odd experience w/ tea; possible reason & fix

by jayinhk » Feb 16th, '16, 11:19

If the tea was exactly the right weight then you paid for her sweat. Lol

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Mar 19th, '16, 18:50
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Re: Odd experience w/ tea; possible reason & fix

by stevorama » Mar 19th, '16, 18:50

Whenever I see pictures of pu er being processed I wonder how much sweat from the workers is making it into the tea! Especially when seeing pictures of sweating guys shoveling fermenting piles or wok frying. I suppose that's what the rinse is for! :mrgreen:

I don't know what kind of tea you're talking about, but I think flatness can be a transient thing based on weather, travelling, etc.

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