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Mar 16th, '16, 17:33
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New layout

by chaiguy » Mar 16th, '16, 17:33

I must say I'm not feeling this new layout. its confusing even more so on mobile. I also would use tapatalk app to access this forum but it no longer works.

Mar 18th, '16, 08:37
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Re: New layout

by Alucard » Mar 18th, '16, 08:37

It's definitely different. Need to re-learn it. Change scares me :)

Mar 19th, '16, 07:52
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Re: New layout

by ethan » Mar 19th, '16, 07:52

Please, please, please.

View New Posts is necessary.

Being able to "Send" or "Submit" private messages is necessary.

Fighting through the designated headings to find threads-- it is too much.

I posted new thread, How does one send a PM?

It is is in Comapanies designation. One will not likely go there to look for Feedback.

I am in the middle of communication w/ Biohorn & MIdwinterSun. I cannot send them a PM. I don't know whether they will see this.

I am at Anyone wants to contact me, please e-mail. Thanks.

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