Wooden Ware By Matt Shipp

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Jul 2nd 16 12:18 am
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Wooden Ware By Matt Shipp

by matthew shipp » Jul 2nd 16 12:18 am

Greetings friends. Let me first start by saying thank you all for providing such an amazing resource for those of us in the early stages of our tea journey. I wanted to share just a little about my work for a couple of reason. First, maybe there is someone out there that would enjoy owning and using something I have made.

Second, and maybe more importantly, I'd like to be able to help folks with carving questions if they have them. I have been working with wood on some level for the last twenty years including working in a custom shop for a decade and teaching carving to elementary school kids. The vast amount of wood working tools, wood varieties and finishes out there can be overwhelming for people starting out so if I anyone has questions on making their own ware let's chat about it. I've learned so much here that it would be awesome to be able to share regarding something I know a little about.

All my work is hand carved which to me means that no power tools are used. I also only use material from trees that have been pruned or wood that has been discarded. This makes my work truly green. In fact, the only by product of my work is clean, fresh wood shavings which end up in my garden as mulch. Even the finish I use is organic.

I'm not a prolific maker of wooden things by any means and much of my work lately has ended up for sale at the McKeachie Johnston studio which has been an honor. I do have a couple of pieces available here at the moment but the shop is kind of a work in progress:

https://www.etsy.com/shop/heritagewooda ... _shop_menu

That should just about do it for now. Happy Carving.
Matt Shipp
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Nov 22nd 16 10:56 am
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Re: Wooden Ware By Matt Shipp

by Fuut » Nov 22nd 16 10:56 am

Any change you're working on new stuff? Was looking for some nice tea spoon perhaps, and remembered your topic here.

May 23rd 17 7:56 pm
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Re: Wooden Ware By Matt Shipp

by matthew shipp » May 23rd 17 7:56 pm

Sorry I haven't been online much. I don't have anything for sale at the moment. Turns out I carve just enough for myself and to give utensils to friends and such, but rarely have anything left to sell.