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Jul 12th 16 1:31 am
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Subscription Box

by blairswhitaker » Jul 12th 16 1:31 am

Hello Tea Chat, Iv'e been fairly absent lately, at least with posting. I always make a little time to browse through here and see what is going on in the online tea community.

We at Mad Monk Tea are planning to launch a monthly subscription box as well as increase our online presence. So far we are planing to focus on highlighting a monthly tea that we have sourced from several of the farms that we have good partnerships with. Our focus is always ecologically and transparent farmed tea, that you can always be sure is safe, healthy, and environmentally conscious. Most of the teas are going to be primarily from Taiwan, and Japan. We will also have some special inclusion from main land china, these will typically be puerh focused. We are also very dedicated to improving the quality of life through out our entire supply chain. We want to see these farmers that we have known and befriended over the years make a fair and stable earning to further grow and preserve the natural farming methods we have come to know and love. Of course we want you the purchaser to find a great value in it as well, and some daily enrichment in your life.

We intend to include some media and a very detailed write up about the tea and the growing region. (think of the focus on growing region in the wine industry).

so for those of you in the online tea community, please let me know what you look for and what you would want to see in a monthly service.

If you already subscribe to a monthly service (tea or otherwise) let me know what you like about it and what you don't like about it.

any additional thoughts and ideas are welcome.

Thanks everyone!
Blair S Whitaker

Apr 29th 22 10:55 am
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Re: Subscription Box

by Mishalk1 » Apr 29th 22 10:55 am

I think I do sub boxes differently than most people because I only subscribe to one box per month. For example, I skipped ipsy this month in favor of a trunk club subscription because I'd been eyeing it, and I skipped ipsy last month in order to receive a scent box. I usually just rotate through different boxes each month based on what I'm looking for. This way, I don't have a slew of items at once, and I save money by limiting myself to one per month.
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