Mar 12th, '17, 01:37
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Hello I am Bonnie from Australia (Melbourne)

by teadesa » Mar 12th, '17, 01:37

Hello my name is Bonnie I am originally from New Zealand, usually living in Melbourne but right now I am in Indonesia. I am trying to start a tea business back in Melbourne and at the moment and learning as much as I can about tea - in particular organic tea, everyday!

I am happy to have found this forum where everyone seems very happy to teach each other. I look forward to participating in the discussions.

Thank you Bonnie

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Mar 12th, '17, 15:12
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Re: Hello I am Bonnie from Australia (Melbourne)

by cwj » Mar 12th, '17, 15:12

Welcome Bonnie!
I wish you luck in starting a tea business.
Yeah these forums are great, I spend a lot of time reading and learning here :)

Take care,

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