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Jun 5th 17 1:20 am
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Looking for a nice container

by ginagreen » Jun 5th 17 1:20 am

Have you ever bought teas with a very nice container, I am going to buy some but have no idea. Do you have some recommendation?

Sep 28th 17 3:28 pm

Re: Looking for a nice container

by Steve@Adagio » Sep 28th 17 3:28 pm

I recommend one of our storage containers:

Sep 29th 17 1:42 am
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Re: Looking for a nice container

by Bef » Sep 29th 17 1:42 am

Steve@Adagio wrote: I recommend one of our storage containers:
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Oct 1st 17 5:14 am
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Re: Looking for a nice container

by Frisbeehead » Oct 1st 17 5:14 am

Steve@Adagio wrote: I recommend one of our storage containers:
I own a few of those Adagio tins, I bought them at the store in Chicago. I actually like them quite a bit, they seem to be pretty air tight and the build quality is nice. My only gripe would be that the top is see-through, and I worried about light possibly damaging my tea. The website says that the top part is UV-blocking though, so I stopped worrying about it. The tins have worked well so far for me, and have stayed in better shape than some of the much cheaper containers I've bought from .

However, if you're looking for buying a bunch of tea tins at once and need something cheaper, check out Specialtybottle. Their stuff is mega cheap, and they ship very quickly. The build quality is something you'd expect from mass-produced tea tins, but they do the job and keep tea protected from air and light (though the actual air-tightness of the cheap ones there is probably not as whole as the ones from Adagio, or other nicer tea caddies for that matter).

There are also several tea vendors that carry nice tea tins. For example, Sazen tea carries a bunch of tea caddies that are pretty sweet: I own a few of the really small, plain brushed metal ones, and they are great for the price ($2.11 each). They have this one, which is a large brushed bronze one for around $6.

I personally tend to like the Japanese tea caddies most, because they are aesthetically pleasing and do the job really well, having two methods of sealing (snapping lid and a lid on top that slides on). I particularly like the caddies that have washi paper on the outside, which Teavana actually sells for a pretty reasonable price (only thing I would ever go there for). You could also check Rishi tea for these, they have loads of them for pretty cheap: This one is only $10, and has an awesome pattern on the washi paper, and holds about 100g of tea.

Now, if you're looking for nice nice tea caddies, check out the sakura bark caddies or the real tin ware caddies handmade in Japan. Some higher end Japanese vendors carry them, the first one I can think of being Artistic Nippon: Osaka tin ware, Sakura bark caddies. Or if you can find Chinese or Japanese pewter tea caddies, those are awesome from what I've heard.

Hope this helps!

EDIT: I actually thought of even more options for you, based off some of the other containers I have. I totally forgot about ceramic containers! They can be very nice. But first, what kind of tea are you looking to store in these? More delicate green teas, requiring the most air tight container you can get, or oolong/black/puerh tea, for which you might want to use a container that isn't completely air tight, so the tea can breathe and develop over time.