Please, Please, HELP!

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Jan 2nd, '07, 11:16
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Please, Please, HELP!

by AMiraculousBreath » Jan 2nd, '07, 11:16

Hi guys.
I'm a 19 year old student doing the Art Foundation course at college in the UK and have just been given the word 'tea' to investigate for a major project. I'm pretty stuck for ideas, and of you people got any? It's very broad, it can be anything tea related, and investigated in any way I want, as long as its not just loads and loads of writing and internet pages, and can go inside my work diary....arrr, anything would be great.... I mean if you guys can't think of anything, no one can.

Thanks in advance


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Jan 2nd, '07, 12:33
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by Chip » Jan 2nd, '07, 12:33

...since this is an art foundation about the different vessels that are used to brew tea and how they are used in different cultures. The teapots used are often considered an art form. And how the different cultures brew tea is an art....not to mention the cultural link in many societies to tea and how it is brewed.

There is even a section on teaware on this forum to give you a start...

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Jan 4th, '07, 20:34
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by Joe » Jan 4th, '07, 20:34

you can look at tea as a philosophy, and discuss aesthetics, teaism, tea ceremonies, etc.

art and aesthetics goes hand in hand (obviously)

Jan 6th, '07, 13:07
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by AMiraculousBreath » Jan 6th, '07, 13:07

Thanks guys, i work in a stationers and you'd be surprised how many times tea comes up on cards. Mostly 'get well soon' it's interesting because one can link that with the healing and supposedly magical properties of tea. Must say, i'm feeling bloody sick of the stuff right now!

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