Looking for Tea-Entrepreneurs

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Nov 3rd 17 8:26 pm
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Looking for Tea-Entrepreneurs

by paducahdowntowner » Nov 3rd 17 8:26 pm

Hello folks! Avid tea drinker here!

I'm the publisher of a small-town magazine focusing on the small business sector and startups. One of our believes is called Economic gardening. Meaning, instead for business to sprout up, we PLANT the idea in the heads of people. One of our content coordinators suggested that one of the things our town could use is a tea room/shoppe.
Our town is in the south. Where tea is a MAJOR part of our culture. Thus, this is what we are suggesting: working with us and the local startup organization to help a very motivated, knowledgeable, and innovative individual achieve their dreams of owning their own tea shop.

I'm not sure whether or not this is solicitation. If anything, our intent here is to open up into discussion about owning a shop: experiences and suggestions.

If you're curious about our proposal, please contact us directly for more info, and to connect you to the resources at our disposal.

Looking forward to hearing from y'all!