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Jan 28th 18 12:49 pm
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Tea-Table - What are those white stains?

by VanFersen » Jan 28th 18 12:49 pm

Ahoi there,

I was wondering if someone could explain what those white stains are you can see on my tea table here: ... fQWuZuyZci

Just for a short inside: I use this table on a daily basis since 2013. As I bought it the wooden table was very bright colored because of its natural wood but all those years drinking tea and also rubbing the table with tea leaves after every session turned its wood into different shades of reddish brown - which I really like!

Since I jumped onto the Pu-erh wagon I noticed something different. As you can see in the picture those white stains are showing the exact contours of this small piles of leaves I placed after every finished session in front of my tea boat. Normally a day of sessions contains three in a row = 4-6 hours. So those leave piles (2-3) of different pu-erh session are placed there until the last session is finished. After that I clean the table and throw those wet piles into the trash.

I also did this in the past with Oolongs and other teas but it seems that especially Pu maybe because of the oils left such white spots. I can't remove them - tried rubbing it off with hot water and a towel but it wasn't helping much.

The table is natural wood so it wasn't painted or stained with anything (except with Black tea what I did years ago by myself and after every session rubbing it with the leaves leftovers). Since those white stains showed up I stopped placing the used tea leaves onto the table because I really do not enjoy those white spots to be honest. I really appreciate the fact that the whole table got darker over the years of use but not brighter because of some foggy white "What ever it is!"

Can someone explain what it might be? Oils stains, heat stains?

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Mar 9th 18 8:41 pm
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Re: Tea-Table - What are those white stains?

by AndrewGC » Mar 9th 18 8:41 pm

Hey VanFersen,

I have a theory for you. I think that what you're experiencing might actually just be water/heat marks. Since you've used the table for so long, over the years the tannins in the tea have built up a residue on the table, which is not unlike regular furniture polish or finish. So now that this coating is there, its beginning to get water marks just like a finished table would.

There are many methods you could try for getting the marks off - most involve a little heat from an iron or hairdryer! Google has some good results. And since its an unfinished table... you could always take some sandpaper to it!

Just my theory anyway! Any updates since you originally posted?