Any vendors with quality similar to WuYi Origin?

Owes its flavors to oxidation levels between green & black tea.

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May 9th, '18, 19:35
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Re: Any vendors with quality similar to WuYi Origin?

by villagezoo » May 9th, '18, 19:35

Kale wrote:
villagezoo wrote:
Kale wrote:
villagezoo wrote: Thanks for the tips, Kale!

As you seem to be a regular customer of Cindy's, have you tried the dancongs from her husband's family's farm? Would you recommend them as highly as their wuyi teas?

Funny you mention Lazy Cat - I just discovered this site earlier today. And I've bought a few wuyis from TheTea in the last months which I've enjoyed.
I have tried a few of their dancongs. I really enjoyed all of them. I am not such a big fan of dancongs so its hard for me to compare them, but they are very pleasing. I should also note that her wuyi are all medium roasted and because she is a skillful roaster that makes her teas very special and fruity (hard to imagine they are even roasted), though very different than other vendors.
You've sold me! Gotta order some of Cindy's leaves :)
Be sure to try the RouGui Fruit Style! It is a great tea and won many titles
Thanks for your recommendation! If you have any more suggestions, do let me know :-]

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May 15th, '18, 16:35
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Re: Any vendors with quality similar to WuYi Origin?

by bagua7 » May 15th, '18, 16:35

I have placed an order with Wu Yi Rock Tea Factory.

Thanks for the heads up. ;)

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