Greetings from SE US

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Apr 21st 18 10:11 pm
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Greetings from SE US

by DanCongInTheStreets » Apr 21st 18 10:11 pm

I finally bit the bullet and made an account!

I'm in Athens, GA, US. My wife and I are excitedly learning about Chinese tea and gong fu preparation. I love almost all of the tea I've tried so far, but my favorites are all oolongs: TGY, Iron Arhat, all dancongs. I'm excited about branching out further and currently have my eye on some Taiwanese oolongs!

Trying to explore the world of tea on my budget is pretty hard right now, but I'm looking at it as an incubating period. I'll be done with my school in about a year and then should be well-situated to devote enough money into tea to satiate my interest.

I am also interested in learning more about unglazed pots: Yixing, Chaozhou, and Taiwanese especially.

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May 30th 18 8:08 pm
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Re: Greetings from SE US

by AndrewGC » May 30th 18 8:08 pm

Welcome DanCongInTheStreets! (love the username!)

Hope all is well! Try posting in the sections of the different products you're looking for more information on, and our community will come through!

Nice to e-meet you - and I'm here should you have any questions regarding anything TeaChat or Adagio Teas related!