May 8th 18 8:22 am
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a bit different kyusu

by sugataishi » May 8th 18 8:22 am

I wonder what do you think about such a teapot? It is not a standard kyusu, but I find it extremely comfortable and useful.

I have another kyusu with sasame filter; very often tea particles got the filter clugged and my tea didn't want to flow properly. It was also hard to drain the filter due to us spherical shape. With this teapot it is not the case. The holes are big as well as the filter, nevet clugs. The filter is placed on the top so is easy to clean, what is not necessary atafetr all. The spout is perfect, no drops flowing down the teapot.

No need to say that it is a piece of bizen pottery with capacity around 250 (up to the filter).

Share your thought about.
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