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Signing location - Yixing clay pots.

by Lukesmith » May 12th 18 7:57 am


I was hoping someone might be able to help. I have been searching for a medium priced new handmade Yixing clay pot. I have come across a few decent examples ranging from 50-200 USD. I understand that they might not be the highest quality but its about my range for the moment. However my question relates to the signatures on the pots. Some that I have seen are signed on the inside of the lid (coincidentally only the cheaper ones?) and some are signed more largely under the bottom of the pots body.
Can anyone shed light on the topic? reasons for this? im basically wondering if the lid signed ones would more often correlate to a fake? or a slip/half hand made pot?

thanks in advance, Luke
Signed lid.png
Signed lid.png
Signed body.png
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May 12th 18 5:50 pm
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Re: Signing location - Yixing clay pots.

by imkvn » May 12th 18 5:50 pm

Multiple artist working on the pot. One for the handle one for the lid. One on the bottom of the pot. Usually higher quality is signed then dated on the bottom. Or only signed or stamped on the bottom. Meaning that the artist made the whole pot. Best to ask people on the forum for a pot or point you to the right direction.

Pretty sure that most quality stuff isn't shipped out, or on the internet. If it's on the net it's marked up fairly high 300-500. Not much margin on the pots. I'd say about 20 to 30 percent plus shipping if it was legitimate.

I'd say most stuff on the internet is slipcast, half hand, or what your showing is three people or companies. Pots and tea are very hard to verify where it came from or if it's real.

You don't really know unless you know the artist, or held and handle lots of pots. High chances for fakes. I'm pretty sure 90 percent of clay is dyed. Even if you know the artist. It's because the consistency is much easier to work with. So you spent 200 hours or 2 months on a pot to have it fired and crack. Yup, RISKY. That's why I say clay to some extent matters much less. They can tell you anything and you'd have no way to check. Special clays go special artist which go to the wealthy in the country of where it was made. Or museums of pottery, exhibited, and auctioned.

To me thin walls or thick walls matter more. Because you are trying to control heat with every steep. Shape plays another role, time, tea, and water. Too many variables.

Probably in this order, tea>water>temp>steeptime>vessel. Glass and porcelain give the most consistent results. It's not till the yixing is seasoned the flavor becomes rounded. Even then your fighting lots of variables.

That pot looks like

This site was called

I bought 2 pots. The quality is between low and mid. Lower fired, thicker walled, and ok clay.

I think there's better and worse vendors or there. I think the price is a bit high for the quality.

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Re: Signing location - Yixing clay pots.

by imkvn » May 12th 18 6:32 pm

Markings look the sameImageImageImageImage

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Re: Signing location - Yixing clay pots.

by carmeloneo » Oct 12th 18 2:27 am

There's no proofs to judge the handmade teapot from the stamp location :D , we should watch the inner wall and the connections.