New cake!!!

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May 15th, '18, 20:45
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New cake!!!

by Puerh3 » May 15th, '18, 20:45

Puerh Lao Ban Zhang 2007


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May 15th, '18, 22:13
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Re: New cake!!!

by Simon_Qc » May 15th, '18, 22:13

Camellia Sinensis :D
Love that shop. Going there for a workshop in 2 weeks, can't wait!
I looked at that cake on the online shop, but it was a bit too expensive for me.
Please share your tasting experience.

Enjoy :!:

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May 16th, '18, 23:42
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Re: New cake!!!

by bagua7 » May 16th, '18, 23:42

Enjoy but you need to be aware:


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