FS: Selling MANY Yixing pots!

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Jan 7th 22 7:47 pm
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Re: FS: Selling MANY Yixing pots!

by owenbaby » Jan 7th 22 7:47 pm

tingjunkie wrote: Pot #3

This is the first of the new-old-stock pots I'm selling. I'm releasing 7 of the shui pings and stashing a few for the future as an investment.

To the best of my knowledge, after consulting with my Yixing expert friends and discussing with the seller, these are non-Factory 1 pots which were made for export to the Taiwanese market back in the early 90's, but trying to replicate F1. According to the seller, he ordered them back in '93, but had issues getting them in to Taiwan, so they have been in sitting in his friend's California warehouse ever since. In the Yixing world, I take all stories with a grain of salt, but what I do know is: 1) The clay and firing are of excellent quality, and should do well with almost any tea, 2) They came with no off smells at all, 3) they brew an excellent round of tea, doing a great job at preserving the high notes and adding more punch to the brew, 4) they start developing a patina quickly, and 5) when comparing the clay to an authentic 1970's F1 pot I own, it looks very similar (see pics!)

I purposely photographed the teapot with the most craftsmanship issues, just to be fair. The others should all be "better" than the one pictured. Some pots have slightly misaligned handles, other have slight lid gaps, etc. In short, you're not buying these for the flawless craftsmanship, but as an inexpensive way to get your hands on the amazing Huanglong Mountain clay that was no longer mined after the late 90's. Buyers will receive 1 (or more) of the pots chosen at random. Please do not ask for individual photos.

Size: 95ml +/- 5ml
Clay: Vintage Huanglong Shan Hong Ni!
Era: 1993
Firing: High
Source: Private Yixing Studio (non-Factory export to Taiwan)
Filter: Single Hole
Lid Fit: Average. Some dripping. Typical of the era.
Notes: Pot will be selected at random from group.
Price: $95 + shipping 5 Left


To see a very high def photo comparison of the clay of these pots to an authentic 70's Factory 1 Xian Piao, click here.
I know this thread is quite old but any chance one of these is still available?