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Identifying teapot type / vocabulary for clay strainers

by taikedz » Dec 2nd 18 8:57 pm


I'm trying to identify a couple of teapots in view of trying to purchase more of the same. However, I'm coming up empty.....!

TL;DR = They have built-in strainer-baskets, and I am having a hard time finding other clay pots with clay strainer baskets. I've attached a couple of photos. One looks like it has a maker's mark, one simply is "Made in China", factory-style.

Can anybody figure out how to find more online? Am I using the wrong vocabulary by calling them "clay strainers"? Specifically, the properties I am looking for are the clay property, and the clay strainer that goes with...

Teapots with strainers out - they normally sit in the pot, hanging off the top rim
Mark on the bottom of the big teapot
In long-form:

My mother bought these teapots, one from a street vendor in Hong Kong, and one from a shop in Singapore, in the 80's (we now live in Europe since the 90's, and have not been back to SE Asia in a while). Both are purportedly Chinese/Chinese-style. She assures me the style with basket built-in is not meant to be rare types, common on the contrary.

However my searches for "clay pot built-in strainer basket", "classic chinese teapot with strainer" and about 50 other searches, yield nothing.

I started using Google Translate to try and break down words from online sites mentioning Yixing teapots (my pots are quite likely not Yixing...), clay teapots, strainers, filters, clay baskets, etc...

I managed to get two search term groupings in Chinese as a result (see below), but neither of which led me back to a path in English, and both are still rather hit-or-miss (more "miss" than "hit" at that... they list novelty "clay cups with filters", it seems)

Would anybody know if this type of pot actually has a sort of formal term or classification? Am I using the wrong words when referring to the "strainer basket"?

Those search results using Chinese terms are: ... tbs=imgo:1 ... tbs=imgo:1

Any help to get on the right track most appreciated!

Many thanks

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