the Green Tea idiot!!!

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

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Feb 12th 07 6:43 am
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Re: the Green Tea idiot!!!

by cherryking » Feb 12th 07 6:43 am

jamlover wrote:Well, I'll be. Always thought green tea was bitter. Course when I did buy a box of 50 tea bags the box said boil the water, steep the tea and enjoy. Now 4 to 5 min. of steeping in boiling water produces a bitter green tea. And after 50 years I thought that was the way green tea was supposed to be. The orange pekoe (in the box) was always much more to my liking. (Course boiling water and 5 minutes wasn't making it suffer!!!!)

So 180 degrees is the way to go. Now to just let my taste buds adjust to this much milder product. Guess we are never too old to learn. jamlover
Try some high - quality green loose tea, not in tea bag. That would be better.

Enjoy your tea day !