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Oct 31st 23 5:31 pm
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Re: New to TeaChat? Introduce yourself here!

by Matcha freek » Oct 31st 23 5:31 pm

samuel.clark wrote: Hello everyone,

I'm a coffee lover first before loving tea :) The only reason I got interested in tea is when I start my own café business. Unfortunately, that business is no longer running because my customers didn't like tea... kidding!

I'm currently living in Nagoya, Japan now and would want to learn more about mixing teas with other teas and other ingredients :) I love to make my own drinks even when the café was still open! :)
I have drinking green tea around 6 years but Matcha is the king of the teas.I have consuming Matcha tea now around 3 months And never will stop drinking
I find also this website were is nice info about Matcha. ... -thoughts/

Nov 21st 23 7:06 am
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Re: New to TeaChat? Introduce yourself here!

by Nantea » Nov 21st 23 7:06 am

Hello! I'm Nancy and I'm new here. 😄 I was not accustomed to drinking tea until I traveled to Japan. The tea culture there is unlike anything I've seen before, it's a delicate ritual! 🍵

Dec 26th 23 7:54 pm
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Re: New to TeaChat? Introduce yourself here!

by Psalmist » Dec 26th 23 7:54 pm

My name is Psalmist and I began my tea journey around 1978 when as a sophomore in high school I found an Import Store... Being broke and a student, about all I could afford then was tea. And boy did they have tea... :) I tried so many unusual and delicious teas and this is where my love for tea was born. I remember only a few but orange with cinnamon spice, and dessert tea were my favorites. I continued my pleasant experiments throughout the years using western style brewing. I just started using a gong fu method (minus the gaiwan, just using what I had) in September of this year (2023) with a ripe Pu-erh. I am now hooked on it and have tried so many lol.
Great to be here and meet other tea lovers.

Apr 5th 24 6:07 am
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Re: New to TeaChat? Introduce yourself here!

by Camellia-Sin » Apr 5th 24 6:07 am

Semi-geezer, spend half year in Asia every year, ambivalent about tea (but drink it daily). Tea-wise, I like to be 'hit in the face with a hammer' by the taste and aroma.

Why: I think I'm dependent on caffeine (medical), it wakes me up (practical), I like the taste/aroma (sensual), gives me a sense of being at home when I am travelling (domestic), something to offer visitors (social), 'comfort drink' - grew up drinking tea (psychological)

India versus China: Japan

Favourite teas: 'Pu'er' (fermented green tea), 'hoji-cha' (roasted green tea), 'mugi-cha' (roasted barley tea); 'genmai-cha' (roasted brown rice tea); Irish breakfast tea

Time to drink: morning only, ocassionally in early afternoon

Tea habits I do not like: putting milk and sugar (any sweetener really) in tea; fussiness of preparation; using garbage quality tea in bags except in a caffeine emergency

Habits: I recycle teabags; I am too lazy to boil water so often instead I infuse tea overnight in fridge

Confession: I like 'builder's tea'

Guilt-ridden pleasure: despite being vegetarian, I like bone china

Budget: low to medium

Favourite places to drink tea: my hotel room; neighbourhood cafes in Istanbul

Least favourite places to drink tea: over-priced 'la-de-da' cafes anywhere but especially in Canada and Hong Kong

Favourite tea cups: clay, ceramic, anything with a saucer

Film scene: can't remember title, but an Irish eccentric of odd personal familial habits drinks tea out of saucer

Favourite tea pots: Brown Betty

Most over-rated teas: those expensive 'white teas' from Assam (too subtle); 'sen-cha' (green tea upsets my digestive system if taken on an empty stomach)

Non-tea 'teas'?: Yes, I experiment with them, e.g. jiaogulan