Blending Tea help!!!

Owes its flavors to oxidation levels between green & black tea.

Oct 15th 20 8:37 pm
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Blending Tea help!!!

by ginlane » Oct 15th 20 8:37 pm


I screwed up and need help! I recently bought some top notch top quality teas. Including 2 oolongs. The first was a mixed "Ren Shen Shen Wulong" Tie Guan Yin from Anxi in Fujian Province, China.
The other was a "Nang Xiang Jin Xuan" Jin Xuan variety from Alishan in Chiayi, Taiwan, from a single growing area.
It's my own fault, I thought I would like her. However, the taste profiles are quite malty, (for me) and especially with the "Ren Shen Wulong" a clear hint of liquorice. Not my taste at all! (excuse the pun)
I hate to throw them away, they are amazing teas and they really cost a lot of money, it's just that I can't drink them for myself. Anyway, I came across an idea and I wonder if anyone has any experience with it. I'm considering mixing the tea with another tea (or maybe two more teas?) And thereby diluting the flavor profile.
Is that possible? Is this a worthwhile endeavor? Is that just wasting my time? Has anyone experience blending tea? If so, how difficult is it and what is the procedure?
I would really appreciate everyone's contribution.
sincerely gin

Mar 8th 21 10:53 pm
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Re: Blending Tea help!!!

by trziste » Mar 8th 21 10:53 pm

I think this is a bad idea. Most likely you will just render more tea undrinkable. The best solution would be to give the tea you don't like to someone who will like it.